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Mediklin Healthcare Ltd. offers a wide variety of disposable products. We also undertake manufacturing of disposable products as per the specifications of our customers.

Mediklin's efforts are focused on providing healthcare professionals and patients the protection they need at the lowest cost.

We host a full range of disposables needed for patient care including Face Masks, Caps, Gowns, Footwear, Aprons, Bed Linens, Operation Kits, HIV Kits and Drapes (including Gynaec Drapes).

Every product manufactured by us is designed along with experienced medical professionals from Sweden and also the valuable inputs from Surgeons, Doctors, Paramedics and other staff directly involved in the healthcare profession.

We provide for flexibility in design and size based on the customer's requirements.

The healthcare industry is our primary customer. However, with the increase in awareness of the benefits of disposable goods, our customer base now includes industries such as pharmaceutical, research labs, chip manufacturing, food catering, hotel, etc.

Equal care is taken in designing products for our other customers. Scrubsuits and Coveralls have been specifically designed for our Pharmaceutical and Chip Manufacturing industries respectively.

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